President’s Message

My relationship to Texas A&M is almost as old as I am.  I was on the A&M campus as a toddler in the late 1950’s with my parents, as a date for Midnight Yell in the late 1970’s and then eventually, as an Aggie Mom when my first Aggie, Matt, enrolled in 2000.  As my knowledge of the University’s history, traditions, and reputation for excellence expanded during these past years, I developed a desire to be involved and serve in a capacity beyond my local area.   Texas A&M not only provided my Aggies with a world-class education, but it shaped their character and inspired them to serve their country, state and community in their chosen careers.  They each embody the truest Aggie Spirit.  I credit them with the inspiration to serve.  My great affection for the Federation and the university is deeply rooted in the impact Texas A&M has made on Matt ’04, and Cody ’08, ’10.  A chance meeting at a recruiting table in the MSC facilitated introductions between Matt and my sweet daughter-in-law, Emily ’03.  Needless to say, she fit right in with the Aggies in our family!


Yesterday it was my great honor to dedicate our Federation Yearbook to the MSC – the Memorial Student Center – for the role it’s played on campus for the past 60 years, serving as “the living room” of Texas A&M, the campus home for student leadership, entertainment and the arts, and the memorial to those Aggies who paid the ultimate price in service to our great country.  To follow the dedication, I’ve chosen as our theme for the coming year “Aggie Moms Honoring the MSC:  Linking Tradition with Tomorrow.”


In keeping with the great traditions of Aggieland, it is my hope that Aggie Moms will continue to stand beside the university as it meets the challenges in the years ahead.  Building on our tradition of partnership and service to the university, my hope is to extend our outreach to all of our clubs with the goal of increasing membership through the use of social media while keeping in place our existing programs and meetings.  This will enable us to better communicate with our existing members and more effectively recruit new members.  By more closely linking each club, each member, as well as the Federation together, we hope to foster a greater sense of Aggie Mom community and connection to the university.


As we go forward to meet the challenges of the future, we will also maintain our allegiance to the original purpose of our founding members and the reason that we exist – service and support of Aggies, Aggie Moms, and Texas A&M.  My vision for our Board is for us to maintain our clarity of purpose as servant-leaders in a manner that would honor our predecessors, our local clubs and the university.  Most importantly, we will continue the exceptional tradition of service established over 80 years ago when the Federation was formed.


I am especially grateful to my parents for the example that they set for our family – and for making the long drive from Grayson County today; for the gracious ladies from the Grayson County Aggie Moms Club for their support, and the women of the Collin County Aggie Moms Club who are my oldest and dearest friends. What an incredible privilege it is to be associated with this great university because of my son, Captain Matt Powell ’04, USMC, his wife, Emily Powell, ‘03 and my daughter, Cody Powell, ’08, ‘10.  Their leadership, character and integrity are such an integral part of who they are.


As former Texas A&M president Dr. Robert Gates has stated – “Excellence stems from a great sense of pride in who we are and what we believe in.”


Thank you for the opportunity to serve.


Dawn Powell

Federation President