Donor Recognition

In order for us to process all of your benefits, including your decal, please share your address with us when you donate.


Thanks to Our 2017-18 Donors!

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Endowment –  $25,000

Rachel R. Gonzalez Endowment Fund

Silver –  $15,000

Excellence –  $10,000

Integrity  –     $5,000


Leadership  –     $2,500


Loyalty    –  $1000
Dawn Powell          Federation President 2012 – 2013

Coppell Texas A&M University Mothers’ Club
Sharon Johnson         Federation President 2016-2017
Carolyn Fey Phelan ’89         Federation President 2017-2018

Selfless Service
Janet Hodges Davis ‘79         In Honor of my Aggie Mom, JoAnn M. Hodges
Peggy Nolan         Federation President Elect 2017-2018
Carol Poiner         In Memory of Alma Miller

Friends of Federation
Clair Balliett         In Honor of Blaine Balliet
Lisa Beally
Sharon Brubaker
Jeffrey & Kimberley Chapman         In Memory of Alma Miller
Mary Ann Crawford
Karen M. Hunter ‘85
Lynda Jackson         In Memory of my beloved husband, Clifton D. Jackson
Lisa McMillan ’84
Mark Millihorn         In Memory of Alma Miller
Connie Pritchard ‘81
Melissa Thome
Suzan York ’86

Aggie Mom Angels

Rose Bassett
Stephanie Collums ’87
Torie Deremo
John & Shana Dumesnil
Diane Eckols
Stephanie Ferguson
Debra Fincher
Jessica Fromme
Colleen Holmes ‘76
Cathleen Inman ’88
Shileen Karnes
Barbara Kasper ’82
Darla Kay
Kristi King
Joe Ann Kloesel
Kim Kovar
Katie McMordie Latham ’80
Sue Munns ’80
Joyce Perkins
Nora Robinson         In Honor of John Wenmohs ’31
Maria Linda Valdez
Angela Vasquez




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