Donor Recognition

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Thanks to Our Donors!

12th Man Spirit













Rachel R. Gonzales Endowed Memorial Fund

Dawn Powell (Federation President 2012 – 2013)



A&B Sales – Embroidery
B Good Grainola – The Hilliard Company
Coppell Texas A&M University Mothers’ Club
Cathleen Inman ’88 (Federation President 2019 – 2020)
Kim Kovar
Tamra ’89 and Jason ’90 Walker


Selfless Service

Alice & Sean Artman
Troie Pruett Burch ’77 (Federation President 2015 – 2016) 
Janet Hodges Davis ’79 In honor of JoAnn Hodges
Diane Eckols
Jeanne Harrell (Federation President 2013-2014)
Denise Isenhour
Peggy Nolan (Federation President 2018 – 2019)
Carolyn Fey Phelan ’89 (Federation President (2017 – 2018)
Jann Rabon
Linda Schmidt (Federation President 2014 – 2015)


Friends of Federation

Stephanie Rock Collums ‘87
Cindy DeWitt ‘86
Mechelle Fisher
Roxanne Forrest
Karen M. Hunter ’85 In memory of Margaret Williams, my Aggie Mom
Lynda Jackson
Sharon Johnson (Federation President 2016 – 2017)
Kristi King
Daniela & Joe Knight ‘87
Johnna Lenamon
Lisa Schubert McMillan ‘84
Connie Fletcher Pritchard ‘81
Rudy ’59 and Jennie Schubert
Michelle Timmer ‘93
Maria Wheeler In Memory of Tyng Family
Suzan York ‘86


Aggie Mom Angels
$25 – $99

Rebecca Demeter ’75 (Federation President 2009-2010)
Jessica Fromme
Julie Briden-Garcia
Amy Hale ’10 In Memory of my Aggie Mom, Teresa Duffel
Tricia Hartmann
Cheryl Hilgenbrink
Colleen Holmes ‘76
Barbara Blakely Kasper ‘82
JoAnn Kloesel
Katie McMordie Latham ‘80 In Memory of Nathan Matos
Laura Miller
Wendy Nicholson
J & Jill Pierce
Jennifer Richie
Amanda Riojas ’16 and Braden Scott ‘16
Jennifer Senelick
Carol Greaney–Wurst (Federation President 1989 – 1990)


Special Thanks to our Texas A&M University Partners for their In-Kind Gifts of Services, Resources and Support!