Federation Forms

To download a form, click the Form Name in the table below.

Form Name Date Due this Club Year Form Description
IRS Form 990 October 15, 2020
Tax Exempt Tax Return – or an extension request
Form A February 1, 2021 Nomination of Club Member for Federation Officer
Form B February 1, 2021
Payment of Federation Dues and Archive Fees
Form T February 1, 2021 IRS Group Exemption
Form F February 1, 2021 Reservations for Tables at Aggie Moms’ Boutique
Form Y May 31, 2021 Tax Compliance Verification
Form C May 31, 2021 Member Club Elected Officers for upcoming Club Year
Form D May 31, 2021 Member Club Report for Annual Report of Clubs
Form E May 31, 2021 Donations to TAMU Student Organizations
Form G May 31, 2021 Scholarships Awarded by Member Clubs

More information about these forms can be found in the Federation Forms Chart