Start An Aggie Moms’ Club

Start an Aggie Moms’ Club in your area!

If there is not an Aggie Moms’ Club near you, consider starting a Club! The Federation provides information and support as you go through the chartering process.  Contact the First Vice President with any questions about starting a new Aggie Moms’ Club.

Basic Process for Chartering a new Aggie Moms’ Club:


To be chartered, the new Club is required to file a copy of each of the following with the Federation:

  • Minutes from the organizational meeting
  • Names and addresses of officers
  • Description of club officer duties
  • Approved Club Bylaws
  • Officer Installation information
  • Copy of EIN Application
  • Copy of your State Sales Tax Application


Federation and TAMU Resources to help you start a new Club:


Please consider chartering an Aggie Moms’ Club in your area. The Federation encourages everyone to become a member of our Aggie Family and the world-wide Aggie Network!