EIS Department’s “List of Students” Program for Aggie Moms’ Clubs

The Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) Department at TAMU provides Aggie Moms’ Clubs with a list of potential new club members.

Every Aggie Moms’ Club should complete and return the EIS Department’s “Request for List of Students” Form early in the summer.  The Club should ensure that all postal zip codes they draw members from are listed on the form.  The EIS Department can then search by these specific zip codes for all students enrolled at TAMU whose permanent address is within the geographic areas defined by those zip codes.  The EIS Department will return the resulting list of the students names and home addresses.  Only the names and addresses of those students who have made their contact information public will appear on the list.

Aggie Moms’ Clubs can then send Howdy Dinner or Meeting invitations to “The Mother of” each of the students on the EIS List.  Remember to make a copy of the completed Request Form for your Club’s files.

The EIS Department has also provided Instructions for Printing Labels to aid club volunteers in utilizing the address lists.

Questions?  Contact the First Vice President.

Karen Sparks, Administrative Coordinator

Enterprise Information Systems
750 Agronomy Road
General Services Complex
Suite 2301
1119 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-1119

(979) 845-5829 (Office)
(979) 862-7467 (Fax)





Please return the form more than two weeks
(plus mailing time) before needed.

Email the completed Form to eis-data@tamu.edu
or Fax the completed Form to (979) 862-7467.


View, Complete, and Email/Print the Form:

EIS Request For List of Students Form

View, Print, Complete and Fax the Form:

EIS Request For List of Students Form