Federation Adopt-A-Mom Program

Become an Adopted Aggie Mom!

One of the Federation’s most successful membership initiatives is our Adopt-a-Mom Program. This program offers mothers who do not live near an Aggie Moms’ Club the opportunity to become a member by being “adopted” by a club.

As an adopted member of an Aggie Moms’ Club you and your Aggie will be included in all possible club activities and events: Goodie Bags during final exams, Football Tailgates, Graduation Gifts, etc. are just a few of these. You will receive timely information from both the club and from Texas A&M University that will help keep you plugged in to the University and all that happens on campus. More importantly, being a member puts you in contact with other Aggie Moms who can be a wonderful source of information and support as your Aggie makes his or her way from New Student Conference and Fish Camp to internships and graduation.

Adopted Aggie Moms pay dues and are full members of the club but are not expected to attend meetings, serve on committees or participate in local projects. Many adopted Aggie Moms do find ways to participate in club activities, though. They may volunteer at their club’s events held on campus: Aggie Moms’ Boutique during Parent’s Weekend or a football game tailgate event the club sponsors for their Aggies.  Many serve on club committees that they can help from home: email, correspondence, publicity, website, yearbook, etc. All Aggie Moms are welcome to participate at whatever level they choose.

Aggie Moms’ Clubs are located all over Texas and in Arizona, California, Chicago, Colorado, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee.  If you want to become an Aggie Moms but do not live near a club, please contact the 1st VP Membership.

Please consider becoming an Adopted Aggie Mom. The Federation encourages everyone to become a member of our Aggie Family and the world-wide Aggie Network!