Tech Corner

Google Meet Video Conferencing is part of our Google Workspace license and everyone has access to it with their account.  You can schedule online meetings by going to When creating an event, you choose the option to “Add Google Meet video conferencing”. It provides a link to join the meeting.

Here’s a link to a help file on “Add or remove a video conference from your Calendar event”:


How to use Google Drive (PowerPoint Presentation)


Federation / Association Processes Email Accounts:

If you are having trouble accessing your account, please email with an explanation and the error you are receiving.

To request new accounts for your club, please email the positions and preferred addresses to


Aggie Moms Member Club Websites

Mothers’ Clubs can get a free, pre-customized Association-hosted website.   Website Request

If your website has gone inactive and you want to begin using it again, contact




Important: Email Etiquette in a Digital World

1.PLEASE think twice before hitting “Reply all.  No one wants to read emails from 20 people that have nothing to do with them.  

2. Be cautious with humor.  Humor can easily get lost in translation without the right tone or facial expressions. 

3. Reply to your emails within 24 hours–even if the email wasn’t intended for you. Really, it’s the polite thing to do. 

4. Proofread every message. Or you can melo up witlb flugo garble!!!

5. Double-check that you’ve selected the correct recipient.  

6. Nothing is confidential–so write accordingly. Every electronic message leaves a trail.  A basic guideline is to assume that others will see what you write, so don’t write anything you wouldn’t want everyone to see. 


Information Sharing Between Clubs The following documents have been contributed by Aggie Moms Clubs for the purpose of knowledge exchange only. Confidential, sensitive and personal data has been redacted.


Club eMail Changeover Procedures
Contributed by Karen M. Hunter ’85, Dallas County
Getting Started with Online Sales
Contributed by Karen M. Hunter ’85, Federation Electronic Information / Dallas County
Google Contacts
Contributed by Rachael Delaney, Waco-McLennan
Google Drive Sharing
Contributed by Rachael Delaney, Waco-McLennan
Setting Up Online Sales with Square & Eventbrite
Contributed by Catherine Stanley, Parker County