An Aggie Mom Poem

                                      AN AGGIE MOM                                     

An Aggie Mom is a special person. She has to suffer through countless Aggie jokes when she tells her friends where her child is going to college. She has to drive the endless roads to College Station for there is no shortcut. She prays silently when her child leaves to make the long trip to school each time after a visit home. An Aggie Mom has to endure the comment, “That’s just like an Aggie,” every time her child does something less than perfect, sometimes a lot less than perfect.

But, the Spirit of Aggieland is alive and well in the heart of each Aggie Mom. She cheers the athletic teams even when she knows none of the rules and none of the players. Her heart swells with pride when the scholarly accomplishments of faculty and students are related over the media – even when she has never heard of the individuals or what they have studied.

Sounds of the Aggie War Hymn, Silver Taps, Reveille barking ……… sights of the Bonfire, the Twelfth Man Towels, and the Aggie Senior Ring; all of these make an Aggie Mom proud. But nothing can compete with the pride shining in her eyes as her Aggie crosses the stage with a diploma in hand – and looks up into the crowd searching for Mom’s face. Being an Aggie Mom does not end with graduation – because “Once An Aggie Mom, Always An Aggie Mom!”

Composed by Binnie Dierschke
Former President, San Angelo Mothers’ Club
Mother of Patrick Dierschke ‚91

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