Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Goody Bags

Goody Bags/Finals Bags/Care Packages


1. Our club’s finals bags are not provided through the spending of our dues.  Our bags are purchased by members and non-members.  Bags and the goodies to stuff them are purchased with these funds.  Is there any reason this could not be conducted as a fundraiser?  Can a higher price be charged to non-members? 


Answer: If the sale and distribution of your finals bags or goody bags is a large enough operation that it is handled through your treasury, then it should be conducted as a fundraiser. I do not know if there are any definitive guidelines on how much the profit/expense ratio should be for a fundraiser. We charge 20% more than the cost of the goody bag and included items for our delivered product. Please remember that if you do use this as a fundraiser you must also add sales tax to this unless it is one of your tax free days.