Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Club Membership


Q1. How does a new Aggie Mom determine if there is an Aggie Moms’ Club in her area?

Answer: Visit our List of Clubs and Map of Clubs pages here on or contact the Federation First Vice President (Membership).
Our First VP will help the new Aggie Mom choose a  nearby Aggie Moms’ Club to join and put her in contact with the Club’s President.


Q2. If there is not an Aggie Moms’ Club nearby, how does a new Aggie Mom get “adopted” by an Aggie Moms’ Club?

Answer: Visit our Adopt-A-Mom Program page to read details of the program.  Then, contact the Federation Parent Socials Chairs. The Parent Social Chairs will have the adoptee complete and return the Aggie Mom Interest Form and coordinate her adoption into a selected Aggie Moms’ Club.


Q3. Can an Aggie Dad participate in the Adopt-A-Mom Program?

Answer: Yes, in a situation where there is not a mother. Please follow the procedure described in the Answer to Question 2.


Q4. Can out-of-state students whose parents are in the Adopt-A-Mom Program be considered for a scholarship through the adopting club?

Answer: Each Member Club has Bylaws and/or Guidelines regarding eligibility for a scholarship from the club. These documents should be consulted to determine if the Adopted Aggie is eligible to apply for a scholarship.


Q5. Can Aggie Moms who do not have a nearby Aggie Moms’ Club or families who are in the military and stationed overseas form their own Aggie Moms’ Club?

Answer: Yes, if you are interested, please contact the Federation First Vice President (Membership) for details and approval.