Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Club Membership


Q1. How does a new Aggie Mom determine if there is an Aggie Moms’ Club in her area?

Answer: Visit our List of Clubs and Map of Clubs pages here or contact the Federation First Vice President
She will help the new Aggie Mom choose a  nearby Aggie Moms’ Club to join and put her in contact with the Club’s President.


Q2. If there is not an Aggie Moms’ Club nearby, how does a new Aggie Mom get “adopted” by an Aggie Moms’ Club?

Answer: Visit our Adopt-A-Mom Program page to read details of the program.  Then, contact the Socials Chairs. The Parent Social Chairs will have the adoptee complete and return the 2020-21 Aggie Mom Interest Form and coordinate her adoption into a selected Aggie Moms’ Club.


Q3. Can an Aggie Dad participate in the Adopt-A-Mom Program?

Answer: Yes, in a situation where there is not a mother. Please follow the procedure described in the Answer to Question 2.


Q4. Can out-of-state students whose parents are in the Adopt-A-Mom Program be considered for a scholarship through the adopting club?

Answer: Each Member Club has Bylaws and/or Guidelines regarding eligibility for a scholarship from the club. These documents should be consulted to determine if the Adopted Aggie is eligible to apply for a scholarship.


Q5. Can Aggie Moms who do not have a nearby Aggie Moms’ Club or families who are in the military and stationed overseas form their own Aggie Moms’ Club?

Answer: Yes, if you are interested, please contact the Federation First Vice President for details and approval.