Federation Form C

Form C is a report made by each Member Club of the names and addresses of officers it  has elected for the upcoming club year.

Each Member Club lists their incoming President, Treasurer and either Membership or Boutique Chair’s name and each officer’s contact information.  In addition, Member Clubs report the location and date/time of their regular monthly meetings.  All of the Member Club’s Form C information is collected by the Seventh Vice President and becomes the Club pages of our Federation Directory.  The Club information or the new Club president’s information is also listed on that club’s page on AggieMoms.org.  It is very important that the contact information for the clubs be reported correctly and in a timely manner as this is how potential club members, Federation Officers and TAMU staff will contact the club throughout the upcoming school year.

The deadline for filing Form C is May 31st each year.

Submit your Form C electronically   ** Recommended browser for best results: Google Chrome **
Please be sure the information that you submit is accurate and complete as it will be used for this year’s Federation Directory. Mistakes in your submission will result in mistakes in the Directory.
Questions regarding Form C?  Contact the Seventh Vice President.