Federation Executive Board

Photo of Federation Executive Board

Front (l-r): Stephanie Ferguson, Janet Davis ’79, Colleen Holmes ’76, Cathleen Inman ’88, Connie Pritchard ’81, Carolyn Phelan ’89, Sharon Johnson, Peggy Nolan, Annette Osburn, Karen Hunter ’85, Kristi King, Cay Nash. Back (l-r): Diane Eckols, Lisa McMillan ’84, Risha Sanders ’91, Katie Latham ’80, Sue Munns ’80, Clair Balliett, Lynda Jackson, Kim Muschalek ’81, Tara Kohlenberg, Linda Knapick, Elaine Quinn, Kim Kovar.  Photo by Stephanie Ferguson.


In accordance with the Federation Bylaws, the Executive Board consists of both elected and appointed Officers each serving a one year term.

The twelve officers elected and installed during the Spring Federation Business Meetings are: the Federation President, the President-Elect, the Vice President at Large (who is the Immediate Past Federation President), seven Vice Presidents, the Recording Secretary, and Treasurer.

The officers appointed by the incoming Federation President are: the Parliamentarian, the Corresponding Secretary, the Electronic Information Chair(s), the Parent Social Chair(s), Aggie Mom Camp Chair(s), the Hospitality Chair(s), the Historian and Development Chair.

All Officers serve a one year term from one Spring Federation Business Meeting to the next, with the exception of the Treasurer, whose term ends at the end of the Federation’s fiscal year, May 31st.
Meet the Federation’s Officers



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