President’s Message

A Message from Our President

Howdy Aggie Moms!
The University has asked us as part of our logo/brand licensing agreement to cease making and/or selling merchandise branded for or about Ring Dunk. They have issued this to all logo licensees including storeowners and online merchants as well. While Ring Dunk is a non-university sanctioned event, the use of the A&M mark or name on items such as pitchers, t-shirts, and ponchos related to Ring Dunk can imply endorsement. We have had a long tradition of being an official trademark licensee at a deeply discounted rate and believe that this is an understandable ask for us to respect.

To be clear, this is not about attempting to stop Ring Dunk itself, which has never been a University-sanctioned event anyway. This is the University asking us to help them to not glorify binge drinking with branded merchandise for the event.

Texas A&M does not allow any part of the Aggie Ring, including the Ring Crest logo, to be used on any drinkware items (this has been the policy for several years). Drinkware includes, but is not limited to, the products listed below:
-Plastic Cups
-Metal Cups
-Plastic Tumblers
-Stainless Steel Tumblers
-Ceramic Drinkware
-Sport Bottles
-Shot Glasses

**Note that the above products ARE acceptable when NOT associated with Ring Dunk or the Aggie Ring or the Ring Crest logo.

Please contact Rosa Rodriguez at or 979.845.4621 with any questions or concerns you or your club might have. Rosa should also be contacted about any product that may already be in your inventory for Boutique or that your club is considering adding to your inventory that might be questionable.

The University greatly appreciates all of the work that Aggie Moms’ Clubs do to support our students and our University. This is just one more way that we can be powerful advocates for drinking responsibly. At our Winter Federation Meeting both President Young and Dr. Pugh addressed Ring Dunk – your students will see more on this topic coming from the University in the future.

**We will remove photos from our Facebook page that are posted that promote ring dunk with branded merchandise.

I have included below the contact information for Amy Smith, Kyle Pope, and Rosa Rodriguez – any one of them can answer any questions you or your club might have. The intent is not to harm your fundraising – contact them if you happen to have merchandise on hand that does not adhere to this policy. Thank you for your attention to this incredibly important topic. We are simply working with the University to try and promote responsible celebrations.

Amy B. Smith | Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer
Division of Marketing and Communications | Texas A&M University
1372 TAMU | College Station, TX 77843-1372
ph: 979.458.1729 |

Kyle Pope | Director, Collegiate Licensing & Brand Development
Division of Marketing & Communications | Texas A&M University
400 Bizzell Street, Suite 009
Mail Stop 1137 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-1137
979.862.3366 |

Rosa Rodriguez Administrative Coordinator, Business Development
Division of Marketing & Communications
Texas A&M University
1137 TAMU| College Station, TX 77843
Tel. 979.845.4621| Cell. 979.255.3773| Fax. 979.845.1203